[73 images] UFUNK – La Sélection du Week End n°98

[73 images] UFUNK – La Sélection du Week End n°98

Past.Present.Future from Dima Tskhay on Vimeo.

Art Video “Past. Present. Future”
Camera\Edit\Sound: Dima Tskhay (tskhay.tumblr.com)
Art Directors: Loginov Anton, Aksenteva Maria
Models: Katya Vorontsova, Armand Vignon, Nikita Toropov, Eudocia Rudenko & Nadezhda Zaitseva
Arthur Kreytor, Sofia Aleandrova, Ekaterina Radjabova, Sergey Tractor
Special Thanks: Nadia Konovalova, Alexey Alexandrov, Kirill Malomalskiy, Anton Makushin, Doris David, Silvere Kobea, Roma Chesnokov, Marina Toropova, Viktor Pavlov & dog Volt
Music: Two step from hell (twostepsfromhell.com)
Shot on Canon 5D Mark III (Magic Lantern RAW) , 64gb Komputerbay 1000x CF

Hair Highway from Studio Swine on Vimeo.

What if you could use human hair as an alternative to diminishing natural materials? Studio Swine travel along the Hair Highway to explore the hair trade and its potential as a future resource.

Hair Highway is a contemporary take on the ancient Silk Road which transported not only silk but also technologies, aesthetics and ideas between East and West. Investigating the global hair industry in the Shandong province of China, Studio Swine followed the journey of the material from the people who sell their hair through to the hair merchants, markets and factories. The project documents this journey in a film and a collection of highly decorative objects.

China is both the largest importer of tropical hardwood and the biggest exporter of human hair. By combining hair with a natural resin, Studio Swine has created a composite material that provides a sustainable alternative to the planet’s diminishing natural resources with an aesthetic that evokes the palettes of tortoiseshell and a grain resembling that of polished horn or exotic hardwoods. The result is a unique collection of exquisite objects inspired by the 1930’s Shanghai-deco style.

As the world’s population rises, human hair is one natural resource that is increasing. Asian hair regenerates the fastest, growing 16 times more rapidly than tropical hardwoods; it is also incredibly strong - a single strand can take up to 100 grams. Hair Highway reflects on China’s relationship with the rest of the world, while exploring the idea that trade has the ability to not only transport products but also values and perceptions.

Concept & Design : Alexander Groves & Azusa Murakami
Film : Juriaan Booij
Edit : Sally Cooper
Music : Titus Twelve
Production support : Danful Yang & Lily Xu


11 Paper Place from daniel houghton on Vimeo.

11 Paper Place is a love story about two 8.5 x 11 sheets of paper that magically transform into paper people as they are spit out of a malfunctioning printer into a recycling bin.

Daniel Houghton - Dylan Redford - Maddie Dai - Elise Biette - Joanie Thompson - Jennifer Morsches - Jake Brown - Ruben Gilbert - Justin Holmes - Stella Holt - Sofy Maia - Hannah Marks - Miriam Nielsen - Klarizsa Padilla - Thomas Scott

Made with Blender

Bless You from DavidBK on Vimeo.

A man takes the subway. Inside his brain, a countdown clock hits zero and a little person prepares for lift-off. The man sneezes.

Watch it in stereo 3D

Directed and Animated by: David Barlow-Krelina
Music and Sound Design: Greg Debicki (soundcloud.com/gregdebicki)
Voice: Chris Wilding (bqwsc.com/)

Ottawa International Animation Festival, Canada (2013)
The Animation Show of Shows, USA (2013)
Toronto After Dark Film Festival, Canada (2013)
Animated Dreams 15, Estonia (2013)
Florida Film Festival, USA (2014)
Dawson City International Short Film Festival, Canada (2014)
Northwest Animation Festival, USA (2014)
Melbourne International Animation Festival, Australia (2014)
Toronto Animation Arts Festival, Canada (2014)

rice-code from ADC Awards on Vimeo.

A small village in northeast Japan famous for rice, Inakadate, was struggling with aging and declining population along with drop in rice sales, since Japanese eating habits have shifted away from rice toward a more Western diet. Nevertheless, the village’s main income source remains rice. So we tried to re-energize the village by creating a fusion of agriculture and digital technology.We created huge art pictures in our rice field by planting different colors of rice. We then developed a new technology called “rice-code”, which let visitors scan the rice art with their phones like a QR code and purchase the rice. “Rice-code” transformed a scene that people naturally want to photograph into a brand new selling place. As a result, the project successfully attracted 251,320 visitors, about 30 times the population of the village and sales jumped dramatically. The power of rice revitalized the village again. This movement even moved the government to build a special train station for the visitors. Designing the rice field, designs the new selling place.

Jason D. Page, Light Painting Documentary from Jason D. Page on Vimeo.

Light Painter Jason D. Page shines light into the darkness to find beauty where many would find unease. This 7 minute documentary explains what light painting is, how Jason discovered light painting, and why light painting is so significant in his life.

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Produced and Directed by: Jacob Peterson
Filmed by: Jacob Peterson, John Bibbo, Chris Leidy, Geoff Dunn, Christie Page, Courtney Page
Surfing footage by: Jason D. Page
All still images are light paintings created by Jason D. Page

Music Credits:
Artist: M83 
Song: “We Own The Sky”
Album: Saturdays = Youth

Artist: Linsey Stirling
Song: “Crystallize”
Album: Lindsey Stirling

Artist: Helen Jane Long
Song: “Echo”
Album: Porcelain

Special Thanks: Nana and Pops, Courtney, Mom, Christie, Christopher, Kendall Fabian, Geoff , Eric LaChance, Johnny, Carolina, Kristin, Rob @ Coast, Vicki DaSilva, and Dean Chamberlain.

Thank you to all my friends in the light painting community and all the Light Painting Pioneers:
Étienne-Jules Marey, Georges Demeny, Frank Gilbreth, Man Ray, Gjon Mili, Barbara Morgan, Jack Delano, Andreas Feininger, George Mathieu, David Lebe, Eric Staller, Dean Chamberlain, Jacques Pugin, Jozef Sedlák, Vicki DaSilva, Kamil Varga, John Hesketh, Tokihiro Sato, Troy Paiva, Bruno Mesrine, Patrick Rochon, Aurora Crowley, Arturo Aguiar, Lapp-Pro, JanLeonardo, Chanette Manso, Michael Bosanko, Pete Eckert, and the ones that I forgot….

Amnesty International - Pens from Troublemakers.tv on Vimeo.


Amnesty International in collaboration with its agency TBWA Paris are back. Directed by Onur Senturk and co-produced by Troublemakers.tv and the studio One More, Pens is a full CG film shot in motion capture (Mocaplab) that epitomises the potential of each signature in the defence of human rights. Highlighting that the voice of a single person can bring about the birth of a social movement, the film concludes with the words “your signature is more powerful than you think” and features the song Iron Sky by Paolo Nutini. Through powerful imagery, Amnesty International has encapsulated the essence of its primary objective – inspiring communities to defend their fundamental human rights.


Client - Amnesty International
Agency - TBWA Paris
Vice President - Anne Vincent
Account Management - Laure Lagarde
Account Management - Isabelle Dray
Clients - Bertin Leblanc, Arnaud Humblot
Creative Director - Philippe Taroux
Creative Director - Benoit Leroux
Art Director - Ingrid Varetz
Head of TV - Maxime Boiron
Agency Producer - Amer Zoghbi

Production Company - troublemakers.tv
Director - Onur Senturk
Producer - James Hagger
Production Manager - Aurelie Chevalier
Production Manager - Cecile Alvarez
Production Assistant - Charles-Philippe Bowles
1st Assistant Director - Thomas Bidart

Motion Capture - Mocaplab
Motion Capture Shoot Director - Remi Brun
Motion Capture Supervisor - Frank Vayssettes
Motion Capture Editor - Charles Fourgeront
Motion Capture Assistant - Ahmed Turki
Motion Capture Actor (Hero) - Romain Ogerau
Motion Capture Actor - Franck Pech
Motion Capture Actor - Charles Lelaure

Co-Producer & Post-Production - One More
Post Producer - Benjamin Darras
Art Director - Johnny Alves
Post Production Coordinator - John Meunier
VFX Supervisor - Eddy Richard
3D Artist - Francois-Xavier Gonnet
Modelling, Setup - Gwenhael Glon
Layout - Romain Durr
Animation - Jérémie Vidal
Layout, Lighting, Renders, Compositing - Jérome Rouvelet
Layout, Lighting, Renders, Compositing - Thomas Rodriguez
Layout, Lighting, Renders, Compositing - Tim Lebon
Layout, Lighting, Renders, Compositing - Victor Besse
R&D Supervisor - Alain Xerri
Editor - Nicolas Larrouquere
Additional Editing - Romain Bouileau
Flame Operator - Hervé Thouement

Music - Paolo Nutini, Dave Nelson & Charlie Chaplin
Music Art Direction - Philippe Mineur, Ferdinand Huet
Sound Producer - Benoit Dunaigre
Head of Music & Sound - Olivier Lefebvre

All proceeds to the Tip Jar will go to Amnesty International.

Above LA from Chris Pritchard on Vimeo.

Please watch in full screen HD with sound on for best experience! Check out more info on my blog at chrispzero.com/blog/2014/06/12/above-la/

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Above LA is a love letter to Los Angeles and showcases my favorite way to view the city - from above. Whether on a rooftop, a hill, or a mountain, getting above the grind of the city allows you to appreciate it in a new way. Once you get even slightly above, the views and sounds begin to change dramatically.

Getting above it all has been instrumental in helping me get to know and appreciate Los Angeles. This piece was produced off and on over the course of two years, and the clips selected for this film are only a small percentage of what I captured during my quest to take in the city from different locations and in new ways. Some of the locations featured are popular and easy to access, others require some searching and hiking, and some are heavily restricted. But I encourage everyone - lifelong Angelenos, transplants, visitors - to hit the trails, drive the mountain roads, find a reason to get on top of a high-rise. From the basin to the valley, this city offers so many opportunities to rise above and look down. Never stop exploring.


This film was shot at 5K+ resolution and is rendered in 4K. The 4K version is available on YouTube at youtube.com/watch?v=CNw0EgVKZro

Interested in licensing clips from this film? These, and hundreds of other clips, are available directly and in full length in the chrispzero Footage Store at store.chrispzero.com
All clips are available in 1080p and 4K resolution. Use coupon code ABOVELA between now and 7/31/14 for 15% off of any order.
If you’re interested in licensing specific cuts from the film or the entire film, please contact me.

An extra special thanks to Matt Givot and Tamara Westfall. Without your gracious production assistance and support, this film would not have been possible. Thank you!

Special thanks to Colin Rich and Andrew Walker for always making LA look so good and being an inspiration to keep exploring and capturing moments of time in Los Angeles.

Thank you to -
Joe Capra
Michael Shainblum
Eric Hines
Henry Jun Wah Lee
Dynamic Perception

IRMA / Save me from SUPERBIEN on Vimeo.

Artiste : Irma
Label : My Major Company
Production exécutive : HK Corp
Idée originale : Xavier Maingon
Directeur Photo : Xavier Maingon
Réalisation : Xavier Maingon & Marc-Antoine Hélard
Direction artistique et Videomapping : Superbien
Technique Videoprojection : ETC Audiovisuel
Musique : Irma - Save me